Salim Badat

salim-badat"Sifu / Guro Salim Badat is the first second generation student of Bruce Lee in South Africa" -  Richard Bustillo (original student of Bruce Lee)

Salim Badat is a professional martial arts coach, and wellness specialist.  He has over fifteen years of experience built with personal discipline, professional ethics and coaching mastery under world renowned leadership.

Salim studied Wing Chun under Master Samuel Kwok.  In 1997 he qualified as an instructor under Master Kwok in the United Kingdom.  Wing Chun was the original system that Bruce Lee studied under the venerable Yip Man.  Samuel Kwok is the leading authority in Europe.

Salim is the first second generation student of Bruce Lee in South Africa and is affiliated to Bruce Lee’s original student Master Richard Bustillo.  Master Bustillo is the head coach of the world renowned IMB Academy. 

Salim is the Head Instructor of Bahad Zubu South Africa under Master Yuli Romo.  Bahad Zubu is a combat Stick and Knife Fighting Art from the Philippine Archipelago.Salim is the creator of Combatives. A self defence programme for both men and women. This programme is offered to corporate and to the health industry. He shares his knowledge through private and public lessons.

The Combatives are a combination of combat proven techniques and a comprehensive system of self defence.There  are various modules in the SDS  programme such as ‘Street Defence,’ ‘Sharp(sexual harassment / anti rape prevention)’, ‘Sticks Of Fury’ and ‘Spontaneous Knife Defence’.His self defence workshops have equipped many individuals to protect themselves.

Salim is also the editor of Combat Journal an online Martial Arts magazine. It features interviews and articles with leading masters throughout the world.

Salim is a Fitness Instructor and has been certified by Reebok Education to design, implement and progress a personalized training program in a “one to one” environment. Salim is a qualified Thai massage therapist.